What we need from you

  • a drawing of the part that shows all dimensions including tolerances, any holes and openings and material grade and thickness
  • the batch size & quality requirements
  • required delivery terms (see bottom of page)
  • your contact details - name, phone number, fax number & email address
  • the address to where the goods will be delivered

How to submit your drawings

There are several ways to send us your designs, choose the one that best suits you

  • the quickest way is to fax or e-mail your drawings to us
  • send a CAD file in DXF or DWG format via e-mail or by mailing a CD
  • If you do not have any CAD software send a neat fully dimensioned drawing by email, fax or in person
  • We can also work from your samples etc… however these will attract an additional programming fee

Costs and pricing

  • prices do not include GST unless stated
  • all prices are quoted ex-works
  • batch sizes can be 1 to 5000+ pieces

Normal delivery

  • Approximately 5 working days from receipt of order & material for Laser & Abrasive/Water Jet cutting
  • Approximately 10 working days from receipt of order, material and tooling for CNC Machining and Turning

Express delivery service

  • express deliveries are priced from one hour to one week
  • fast and reliable service